Detailed Civil Engineering Services Based in Williamsburg, VA

Approaching your building should create an experience for your employees and visitors unparalleled in your community.  The look and feel of the building sitting in your community is just as important as the aesthetics inside and out. You need to consider how people access your building, what they see when they first arrive at your site, where they park and what they encounter as they approach your door.

While striving for the site design to align with your visions, you also need to think about their alignment within federal and state regulations. These problems require an experienced team to develop detailed solutions. If they aren’t considered early in the process, your vision can be derailed as you re-design to meet these requirements.

DJG’s experienced team of civil engineers and site designers work with you to maximize land use and minimize construction costs. Through clear planning and a detailed understanding of your goals, we design structures and plans that align with your project needs and enhance the greater community.

Make Your Facility’s First Impression Count

Civil engineering solves problems related to how people interact with the outside of a facility. This includes designing and constructing parking spaces, walkways, landscape placement, lighting, artwork and so much more. Equally important, this field also includes more technical aspects, like how utilities service the facility and site.

By considering civil engineering from the beginning stages, your facility can be cohesive and efficient inside and out. Using our knowledge and training, we can help you with a variety of services, including:

  • Site Plan
  • Site Grading
  • Site Drainage
  • Stormwater Management (Quality Improvement Design)
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • 3D Modeling
  • Road and Paving Design

DJG’s staff of multi-disciplinary architects and engineers work together to develop every aspect of the facility and site to work logically together.

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Civil Engineers Making Your Life Easier

Civil engineering requires versatile skills and an eye for detail. Thanks to our decades of training and passion for problem-solving, your DJG engineers can meet your site and facility’s needs.

You’ll collaborate with us to create a site design and construction that fits within your vision and community context. Your design will follow state and federal regulations, local zoning and permitting needs while fitting neatly within the rest of the building’s design.

Our goal is to make your life easier by:

  • Improving your facility’s efficiency
  • Maintaining open communication
  • Staying on budget and on time
  • Scaling with your needs

Partnering with us allows you the freedom and relief to focus on your daily tasks. You’ll have advocates for your project, managing the daily tasks and quality control.

Clear and Consistent Communication

When you partner with DJG, we maintain consistent communication from our initial meetings to opening day. With you in the loop, we know the project meets your needs and goes above your expectations.

  1. You meet with us to discuss the specifics of your project, determining the scope and costs.
  2. Once we find that we’re the right match, we begin the research and design process. This includes detailed user interviews, site visits, regulatory kick-off meetings and sketching solutions.
  3. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we create a comprehensive design plan that moves forward with your approval.
  4. Calling on our trusted network, we verify that construction is following the approved plans. If any changes need to be made, you’ll be the first to know.
  5. With project reports and weekly updates, you’ll always know the status of the project.
  6. Once completed, we’ll stay in touch for future maintenance

Problem Solvers Committed to Your Success

We’ve maintained our active partnerships for over 40 years thanks to our flexibility and versatility. We can work within your limitations to keep your project within budget and on schedule. We can also scale with your growing needs and are available to assist in maintenance for your existing facility or provide future services.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, you’ll have your turnkey solution for all your construction and renovation needs. We’re a SWAM and NCDOT SPSF certified business committed to your long-term success. By partnering with us from start to finish and beyond, you can get back to helping your business succeed.

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Design Like You Mean It

Civil engineering doesn’t have to be a daunting afterthought. Make the best first impression by collaborating with DJG’s experienced team. You can rest easy knowing your site planning will align with your vision, goals and development regulations.

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