“DJG is a very good service oriented firm with experience on many project types. I would not hesitate to hire them again. Their attention to detail and getting the drawings completed right the first time is something they strive for on every project. Their multi-discipline abilities for all the engineering services is a strength of the firm and helps out on each project they work on. Their years of experience put them at the forefront for project approach, design and engineering.” “DJG performs very good all around services - exceptional in some categories. They are an above average firm in for services and quality. Their responsiveness is first class and they understand how to run projects. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”
Jeff Krueger, Supervisory Architect,
NAVFAC, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC


“… DJG was very helpful in persuading the customer to give up the building completely during the renovation instead of phasing which saves the Government time and money…”
Nick Hall, Mechanical Engineer,
NAVFAC, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC

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