Multi-Disciplined Interior Designers Based in Williamsburg, VA

Local Experts Helping You Apply The Final Touches

Every building starts as a simple frame. When you add paint, tiling, furniture and decorations, that’s when they become complete experiences.

Not all designs are created equal, and you need an expert who understands the human aspect of creating a functional space. From considering how people interact with an area every day to aligning interior color palettes with your branding, there’s more work involved than you might initially think.

You don’t have the capacity to manage all the essential finishing touches for your project.

The interior designers at DJG Inc. partner with our team of architects and engineers to craft appealing and engaging spaces to align with your vision. By working directly with you to realize the best choices for your facility’s vision, your project will fit perfectly within your culture and goals.

Intentional Interior Design Services for New Construction and Renovation Projects

Interior design is more than just picking the right paint color. It’s about creating a specific experience for a space that enhances the user’s quality of life.

To create an ideal experience, interior designers make intentional choices regarding the look and feel of every room. They make important decisions about:

  • Durability of finishes required
  • Intensity of use
  • Wall finish and colors
  • Paint materials and colors
  • Floor treatments
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Lighting

Our experts handle the process of identifying options to align with the space’s use, creating specifications for the materials and furniture of your choice and assisting during the installation by verifying everything is in its rightful spot.

All you need to do is provide us with your vision, and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

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Interior Design Improving Your Quality of Life in Virginia and North Carolina

Interior designers consider the human aspect of constructing a building. They consider how people use a building and interact with a space every day. By working in tandem with the project team, these professionals create experiences for everyone, whether you are visiting or working in your facility.

By partnering with you, our interior designers can incorporate your brand elements, signage, and feel into each space, providing synergy across your facility.

Our interior designers make your life easier by:

  • Creating a cohesive room-to-room experience
  • Accommodating for user experience
  • Improving your facility’s efficiency
  • Maintaining open communication
  • Staying on budget and on time
  • Scaling our services with your needs for every project

While you manage your day-to-day work, our team ensures your project continues to move along while staying on schedule, within budget and sticking to your vision.

Keeping You in The Interior Design Plan

Trust begins with transparency. You can’t know that something will work if you don’t understand how it works.

When you partner with DJG’s interior designers, you’ll receive consistent communication from the beginning to the end of your project. With you in the loop, we develop the project to meet your expectations.

  1. You meet with us to discuss the specifics of your project, determining the scope and budgets.
  2. Once we find that we’re the right match, we begin the research and design process. This includes detailed user interviews, site visits, prototyping and sketching.
  3. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we create a comprehensive design plan that moves forward with your approval.
  4. Following this plan and calling on our decades of design experience, we begin construction specifications and placement layouts.
  5. With regular reports and weekly updates, you’ll always know the status of the project.
  6. Once the contractor arrives for the installation, we will be in the field verifying the correct materials are being installed to meet your vision.
  7. Once completed, we’ll stay in touch for future maintenance and operational updates.

This process is upheld by our professional team who are committed to customer service and quality results that enhance your project.

Collaborative Experts Calling on 40 Years of Experience

Your new construction or redesign project can be enhanced by partnering with DJG’s team of interior designers. You’ll find dedicated partners committed to bringing your vision to life while creating something that lasts within the community.

We achieve this by relying on our industry expertise. Through extensive interviews, site visits, regular project reviews and illustrative drawings, you’ll collaborate with us in almost every aspect of the design process.

With the ability to scale to meet your needs, a passion for problem-solving and over 40 years of experience in interior design, you can rely on our ability to add the right finishing touches. We find solutions tailored for you that keep your project within budget and schedule.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, you’ll have your turnkey solution for all your architecture and engineering needs. We’re SWAM and NCDOT SPSF certified, providing our clients with peace of mind. While our interior designers collaborate with our experienced team, you can get back to helping your business succeed.

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Create a Lasting Experience

Interior design shouldn’t consume your time and money. Through a collaborative approach and budget-conscious practices, DJG can help you finish your vision that creates an experience for your community for generations to come.

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