Commercial Landscape Architecture Services in Williamsburg, VA

If interior designers consider how people interact within the four walls of a facility, then landscape architects consider how people interact with the spaces created by your facility.

From plants and trees to pathways and plazas, landscaping determines how your site and building interacts and influences the greater community.

When creating initial landscape designs you need to consider all angles of the project. Not just how your outdoor landscape will look, but how it can enhance a visitor’s experience and sustain said design for a long time.

By working with the experienced landscape architects at DJG Inc, you’re giving your facility the best chance at a sustainable and cost-effective landscape. Through in-depth client interviews, comprehensive design services and a committed work ethic, your ideal outdoor experience can become a reality.

Designing Sustainable Outdoor Spaces

Landscape architecture is the process of designing, managing and nurturing outdoor spaces for facilities. From choosing the right tree placement to making it easy to find shade on a hot day, these experts create outdoor experiences that are cohesive with and enhance the indoor experience.

DJG’s team of landscape architects specialize in sustainable designs and practices that create stylish and practical landscapes. Every project of ours considers the human aspect and community impact that is vital for site landscapes. We strive to create a landscape that stands the test of time, using reliable materials, intentional designs and appropriate plants.

Our landscape architecture capabilities include:

  • Landscape design
  • Site planning
  • Stormwater management
  • Erosion control
  • Environmental restoration
  • Recreation
  • Urban planning
  • Nature preserves
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Environmental assessments
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Crafting Engaging Landscapes Through Collaboration

DJG’s in-house landscape architects collaborate directly with our team of engineers and architects. Along with working with you and considering your needs, they maintain open communication with the entire team. This eliminates miscommunication between project stages and maintains your facility’s cohesive look and feel.

Calling on our decades of experience and continued training, we can ensure your landscape is functional and environmentally friendly. Our team specializes in creating spaces that give back to the community, providing beautiful plant life without affecting the local ecosystem. We strive to incorporate native species.

We make your life easier through:

  • Improving your facility’s efficiency
  • Maintaining open communication
  • Developing low-maintenance sustainable solutions
  • Reducing the staff to just essentials
  • Staying on budget and on time
  • Scaling with your needs

Throughout the landscaping process, you can focus on running your business while we complete your design and construction project based on your specifications.

Streamlined to Increase Efficiency

DJG strives to go beyond your expectations for your facility project. That’s why our process wouldn’t work without the most important element: you. From day one, your input and needs will guide our direction as executed by our professional staff.

  1. You meet with us to discuss the specifics of your project, determining the scope and costs.
  2. Once we find that we’re the right match, we begin the research and design process. This includes detailed user interviews, site visits and sketching.
  3. Once we understand what you’re looking for, we create a comprehensive design plan that moves forward with your approval.
  4. Calling on our trusted network, we assist in the construction phase by verifying compliance with the approved plan. If any changes need to be made, you’ll be the first to know.
  5. With mid-project reports and weekly updates, you’ll always know the status of the project.
  6. Once completed, we’ll stay in touch for future maintenance

Natural Problem Solvers Committed to Client Satisfaction

Construction and remodeling projects are a marathon, not a sprint. They take serious time and dedication, requiring excellent project management skills and clear goals to accomplish. DJG Inc. has specialized in making our clients’ lives easier through our specialized skills.

Because of our client-first approach, we’ve maintained many active partnerships for over 40 years. As a multi-discipline firm certified by SWAM and NCDOT SPSF, we can meet your needs and scale with you as the project evolves. You’ll have a turnkey solution that maintains the integrity of your existing facilities and provides further efficiency for your future projects.

Above all else, we’re dedicated to building facilities that last and influence the community. Whether that means utilizing sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint or using durable materials, we want to give back to the communities who have supported us for decades.

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Design Like You Mean It

Landscape architecture projects shouldn’t be overly complicated. Through a collaborative approach and budget-conscious practices, DJG can make your life easier and improve your facilities with few hassles.

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