Oceanography & Physical Science Buildings HVAC Renovation


Client: Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

DJG designed the removal of the existing 145,000 cfm custom packaged rooftop units on the 92,000 sf Oceanography Building, and replaced them with two modular outdoor air handling units with variable speed supply air and return air fans, chilled water coils, hot water coils and runaround energy recovery coils. Four 26,500 cfm laboratory exhaust systems are to be replaced. Heating water provided by the four 4,000 MBH natural gas fired boilers and pumps will be provided from the Physical Science heating plant. Additional high efficiency boilers and pumps were added to the heating plant to augment the system.

Interconnecting hot water piping will run from the first floor heating plant in Physical Science building to the new equipment on the roof of the Oceanography building. The 750 tons of capacity from the direct expansion refrigeration in the existing rooftop units will be sourced from the Central Chiller Plant via chilled water distribution. New underground piping from the Central Chiller Plant will run to the Oceanography building and rise vertically to the new air handling units on the roof. A new 1200 ton chiller, cooling tower, pumps and piping will be installed in the Central Chiller plant to increase total system capacity and provide redundancy.

The entire HVAC system control will be coordinated with a Siemens direct digital control system. Electrical components include redistribution of electrical power for all new equipment installed. Architectural components will include interior space ceilings systems and wall covering in corridors and re-roofing the majority of the Oceanography roof.