Mess Hall Renovation


Client: NAVFAC, Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC

Our design team renovated the base’s 42,390 sf main Mess Hall, Building 3451. In order to keep meal services operational, a temporary Mess Hall was fabricated to provide meals while the existing Mess Hall was renovated.

The renovations include new walls, doors and frames, windows, storefronts, ceilings, floor and wall finishes, kitchen equipment, a new fire protection sprinkler system, and Mechanical Penthouse roof. The Mess Hall has a brand new HVAC system. A water softening system, rooftop solar thermal water pre-heating system and new plumbing fixtures were installed. The existing electrical system, fire detection and alarm system, interior lighting distribution system and building mounted exterior lighting were replaced. A new paging/intercom system was also installed.

Sustainable design features include a daylight harvesting system to provide a means to obtain natural light inside the building and lower the need for additional fluorescent lighting. This system includes tubular daylighting devices bringing sunlight from the roof into the center dining spaces and interior offices without exterior windows. Light shelves were added to the perimeter windows to project additional natural light farther into the dining spaces.