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Designing a new facility or remodeling an existing one requires more than just a quality-looking design. It needs to be structurally sound. Without the right supports or considerations for gravity and lateral loads, your facility could become a safety hazard.

Figuring out these specifications requires necessary but complex math and detailed planning. Without the right training or experience utilized with attention to detail, you could be setting yourself up for a lengthy and frustrating experience in the design of your new project.

DJG’s team of structural engineers specialize in creating safe buildings designed for your specialized needs and standards while adhering to your brand and culture. By partnering with us for your construction project, our experts will land you on a solid foundation, supporting your people, processes and community for years to come.

Structural Engineers Keep Your Building Sturdy and Safe

Structural engineering is the trade of designing and constructing the skeleton that holds up a structure. Every building relies on common supports, like load-bearing walls in homes or steel beams in skyscrapers. Structural engineers consider where to put these supports, how to best solve structural remediations and how these supports will affect the overall structural integrity of the building.

Structural engineers work with a variety of materials and must consider what type would best support the skeleton of your building. DJG’s engineers work with:

From small additions to entire facility construction, our structural engineers have the experience and dedication to see your project become a reality. Our past experiences include:

In diverse building sectors such as

Safety and Support

A large part of the professional design is considering the “load” for each support or addition to a building and its effect on the other building components such as the floor or foundation.

This evaluation ultimately reviews how the building will stand under normal and abnormal events (pressures) such as hurricanes and earthquakes (seismic).

By understanding the purpose of a structure, key building codes and client goals, structural engineers can help create a design that is both economical and safe.

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Solving the Construction Problems You Didn’t Consider

Structural engineers consider the safety and integrity of a structure. This means that they specialize in analyzing a design and examining it from every angle. They need to consider how people will use the building every day, how it will stand up to natural weather, if it fits within the community design, if they have the budget for the right materials and if the proposed materials can be easily sourced and erected at the project site.

With so much to consider and keep track of, it’s no wonder business owners and industry professionals call on their expertise to ensure their buildings are constructed correctly.

When you work with DJG’s structural engineering team, you’re putting your trust in a group committed to safety and integrity. They’ll work in collaboration with you to see your vision through, and partner with our other teams to coordinate all other aspects before construction begins.

Our ultimate goal is to help develop a facility that meets your project goals while delivering this in a cost effective and efficient manner. We achieve this by:

  • Using locally sourced materials and labor
  • Maintaining open communication
  • Verifying compliance with the project design requirements
  • Staying on budget and on time
  • Scaling to meet your needs

With a trusted partner in architecture and engineering, you can focus on running your business without having to worry about this ongoing project.

Streamlined Support to Make Your Vision Real

Just as you build trust with your clients and community, we want to build trust with you. Structural engineering is an intensive job, and we want you to have the utmost confidence in our abilities.

That’s why when you partner with DJG, you’ll receive consistent communication from beginning to end. With you in the loop at all times, we ensure the project meets your high expectations.

  1. Our team of engineers and architects meet with you to discuss the specifics of the project. Collaboratively, we define the scope, budget and future plans.
  2. Once we find that we’re the right match, we begin the research and design process. This includes interviewing you and your staff, visiting the site, understanding your operations, sketching designs and calculating load.
  3. During our design phase, we present the design options to you for input and refinement.
  4. As design nears completion, we present the final design.  With your approval, we facilitate moving your project to the construction phase.
  5. During the construction, we keep a close eye on the project, evaluating the schedule and budget while monitoring compliance with the plans and specifications. If any changes need to be made, we consult you first.
  6. Through progress reports and weekly updates, we can smoothly work through to completion, giving you the keys on opening day.

For any future maintenance or projects, we’re always a phone call away.

Local Experts with 40 Years of Structural Engineering Experience

Through extensive interviews, site visits, regular project reviews and detailed planning, we can construct something that stands the test of time. We take the time to understand how people use your facility and how it can enhance their daily lives.

Our team is also malleable, meaning we can scale to meet your needs throughout the project. We’re natural problem solvers, so we thrive when trying to find the best solutions for your project. That’s also why we’re committed to keeping your project within budget and schedule.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, you’ll have your turnkey solution for all your structural engineering needs. We’re SWAM and NCDOT SPSF certified, providing our clients with peace of mind. By partnering with us from start to finish and beyond, you can get back to helping your business succeed.

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Design Like You Mean It

Construction projects shouldn’t be intimidating or stressful. Through a collaborative approach and budget-conscious practices, DJG Inc can help you see your project finished and influence the community for generations to come.

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