Conscious Sustainable Design Services in Williamsburg, VA

Every engineering and construction project has an impact. Whether that impact is on the surrounding community, the company’s bottom line or the environment, it’s important to consider how our choices affect the world around us.

Imagine all these complex but vital concerns are taken care of during your next project. While your dream facility is completed using durable and energy-efficient materials that positively affect your environment, you can continue your daily business with one less thing to worry about.

By partnering with DJG’s engineering and architecture team, our focus on sustainable design makes this stress-free dream a reality. Through expert project management and experience in balancing environmentally friendly practices with accessibility, we create facilities that improve the community.

Designing Sustainable Facilities That Last

Sustainable design capabilities are about more than using recycled materials or “going green”. Every decision that goes into a facility project will consume energy, raw materials and time. Every material has a service life and being conscious of this time is what makes a design “sustainable”.

The ultimate goal for sustainable designs is to choose materials and processes that work within the client’s needs and make as small an impact on the natural environment as possible.

As a multi-disciplinary architecture and engineering firm, DJG includes sustainable design in every aspect of the project. Our team is LEED-certified, working together internally and with you to develop sustainable solutions that fit within your vision and budget.

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Meeting Your Standards While Helping the Community

Through open collaboration and understanding of your project goals, sustainable design opportunities can be reviewed through every aspect of your project’s construction or renovation. By making it a core tenet of the design process, we consider how human needs affect our environmental impact and how we can integrate the two.

Sustainability in all aspects of engineering and architecture creates buildings that benefit you, your people, your facility and the greater community. These include:

  • Quality spaces for the health of your people
  • Long-lasting materials
  • More efficient energy usage
  • Budget-conscious decisions
  • Positive impact on the local community

When you work with our expert engineers and architects, you can actively make your life easier through our streamlined process and inherently sustainable designs.

Experienced Problem Solvers Committed to You

DJG’s team of professionals is committed to sustainable designs so we can make a positive impact on our communities and our environment. We’re also natural problem solvers committed to finding the best solutions for your facility project.

Through active listening and in-depth interviews, our team directly collaborates with you to deliver a project beyond your expectations. By clearly understanding your company culture and future business goals, we can efficiently create something that lasts as you grow and evolve.

As you scale, our multi-disciplinary firm can meet your evolving needs. By creating a dedicated partnership, we can be there whenever you need us for your next renovation or construction project.

Start Designing Like You Mean It

Sustainable design is what keeps our facilities efficient and our communities flourishing. By considering how our choices impact the natural and human environments, DJG helps you create something that stands the test of time.

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